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USB Dac Assistance - Christmas, of course!!
21-12-2017, 15:25 (This post was last modified: 21-12-2017 15:26 by gnomus.)
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USB Dac Assistance - Christmas, of course!!
My son is due to be getting a USB DAC for Christmas. He has researched this to death, and he is quite clear what he wants - a Schiit Audi Modi Multibit. (Yes Schiit Audio - I kid you not!)

He will be using this with his PC for gaming and such like, but he is increasingly getting into music, and this is something I am keen to encourage. What would be the best way of allowing him to play his music files via the USB? I use Minimserver with my Linn system, and if he could have a way of using the Minimerver on his PC with all of the functionality that gives with something like Bubble or Kinsky, that would be great.
He has an iPhone too, of course.

Any thoughts?
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