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"Album" Art - beyond albums
06-01-2018, 20:02 (This post was last modified: 06-01-2018 20:05 by Ian.)
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Hi all
I have just started using Minim Server & HiFi Cast after years of using Logitech Media Server. I came across this thread as i searched for ways to customise the artwork display that I see in HiFi Cast.
i had not realised until I stopped using it how good LMS is at handling the artwork display on the control point.
For instance in the Album Artist browse window all the Album Art work is displayed in a circular fan shape for Each Artist. The artwork was extracted from the tag data of all the albums with the same AlbumArtist tag. My library structure is a Single folder containing a single layer of folders named by Artist - Album. I never made any effort to provide a separate cover.jpeg in each folder. My collection has very little classical in it so the complications of Composer/Orchestra/Conductor/Soloist/Venue etc are not something i have to consider.

I dont pretend to know how this was acheived but it does look fabulous and leads to a more intuitive interaction with the control point.

As I said I am new to my current set up so hopefully it will improve as i get to grips with the programs. i also chose Minim over Asset as I felt it provide a more flexible Library manager.

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