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Problems transcoding to Naim Uniqute
19-01-2016, 22:47
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RE: Problems transcoding to Naim Uniqute
(19-01-2016 19:59)simoncn Wrote:  
(19-01-2016 18:15)The Pied Piper Wrote:  I am trying to use Minimstreamer to transcode to a Naim Uniqute but seem be be having no luck.
I have MinimServer and MinimStreamer (latest versions) installed on both a QNAP and raspberrypi. My plan is to ditch the QNAP and go for low power option using the Raspberrypi (Model B).
Flac does transcode successfully and shows up as Wav24. I am using Naim iphone app and have also tried Kinsky from iPhone and also from mac.
But all attempts to transcode aac (mp4) fails and just shows as AAC playing.
So I don't know whether the converter is causing a problem. QNAP uses ffmpeg and pi uses avconv. I have also tried ffmpeg on the pi but same result.
I have looked in MinimWatch log and I do have two lines that may suggest a problem:
Thread-31: runAppleScript: running script: tell me to activate
tell me to activate
17:01:16.703 Thread-31: runAppleScript: script result: null

I have tried recoding for aac using XLD which is very good but same result every time.

Any ideas? I am pretty stumped!

What setting in stream.transcode are you using to transcode aac(mp4) to wav24? The correct setting is mp4:wav24 (see this section).


Thanks very much. I was using .aac and having changed to mp4, transcoding works from m4a lossy files.
'aac' is all very confusing as the term is used in association with Apple lossy m4a which seems to be really mp4.
And then there is alac which also receives the same .m4a file extension.
I didn't realise that .aac was something completely different.

I presume that Apple lossless uses alac:wav24

I spent ages trying to think this through but I am now sorted. I am impressed with my new raspberry pi setup and I cannot believe that such a small box does so much. Much neater and much more energy efficient than my QNAP tank.

Thanks again.
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