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Change profile using BubbleUPnP - simbun - 01-08-2020 15:58

I have no way of checking if this already exists as I used up my MinimServer 2 trial a while ago to check that no functionality that I used had disappeared (I'm waiting on the Linux builds before a purchase) so I thought I'd ask here.

Is there any chance we can switch between MinimServer 2 profiles within BubbleUPnP much like we can initiate a rescan?
Assuming this doesn't already exist it would obviously take BubbleUPnP development, and also some MinimServer development if there aren't already API's that would enable this.

RE: Change profile using BubbleUPnP - simoncn - 01-08-2020 18:10

There is an API for doing this. It is used by the Melco firmware.

RE: Change profile using BubbleUPnP - simbun - 02-08-2020 20:39

That's good news from the MinimServer side.

I think getting this into BubbleUPnP would make using profiles a much slicker operation. I know @bubbleguuum frequents these forums so I'll see if he manages to see this thread and offer an opionion, failing that I'll try on the BubbleUPnP forum in a couple of days.