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MinimServer 2 on QNAP - BlueSky - 24-06-2020 16:57

Hi, I am currently using the older version of MinimServer on my QNAP TS-879 PRO and am considering updating to MinimServer 2.

Are the licensing requirements, cost wise, the same as for the Windows-based products and are notifications of version updates handled "automatically" like they are now or do I have to maintain personal awareness of any updates that are out there?

Thank you!

RE: MinimServer 2 on QNAP - simoncn - 24-06-2020 17:21

The license fees are the same for all platforms. If you want to run MinimServer 2 on QNAP and Windows, you can do this with a single license (subject to the maximum permitted number of devices).

Updates to MinimServer 2 are handled in exactly the same way as they are for MinimServer 0.8. Minor updates (for example, update 160) are installed automatically or via MinimWatch. New versions (for example, 2.0.14) are notified via MinimWatch and are installed from the QNAP App Center. At present, the installation package for a new version must be downloaded from the MinimServer 2 downloads page and installed using Manual Install in the App Center. When MinimServer 2 replaces MinimServer 0.8 on all platforms, you will be able to do this installation directly from the App Center.

In MinimServer 2, it is likely that new versions will be released more frequently than they have been in the past. Any significant change in functionality will be delivered in a new version. Minor updates will be used for bug fixes and minor improvements.

RE: MinimServer 2 on QNAP - BlueSky - 24-06-2020 17:50

Sounds good and I appreciate the info!