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Starting with MinimServer - instant-t - 30-12-2018 04:15

Hello everyone,
I'm starting with MinimServer and I'm struggling a bit in the beginning. On my PC I've foobar running and there I've setup some views. These views give a hierarchy like this:
Copyright (I've used this tag for some other information)
> Album Artist
>> Album
>>> Date (only the year)
>>>> Discnumber
>>>>> Tracknumber
>>>>>> Title

How can I get this hierarchy with MinimServer?
Is it Possible to have some (more than one) of this views (always in an other order of the tags)?
Thanks in advance for help

RE: Starting with MinimServer - simoncn - 30-12-2018 22:14

MinimServer doesn't have a hierarchical browse tree (unlike most other servers). Instead, MinimServer shows a list of all available tags and allows you to select any tags in any order. You can customize the tags that are available for selection but you can't customize the order in which tags are presented to the user while browsing. There is some more information about this in this section.

RE: Starting with MinimServer - instant-t - 31-12-2018 16:43

Hi Simon,

thanks for your answer. I followed the link ad read the following
Quote:Intelligent Browsing in MinimServer allows you to make any combination of selections in any order. For example, you could search for a violin concerto by artist, then composer, then conductor, then orchestra, then album.
That's exactly what I want. But for example when I start with the "genre" then I get in the next level all albums. I don't have the choice to choose the composer or the artist for example. But how can I get this?
regards instant-t

RE: Starting with MinimServer - simoncn - 31-12-2018 16:59

Have you set the listViewAlbums property? This could explain what you are seeing.

If not, are you sure that the list of albums you are seeing has multiple artists and multiple composers? You will not see choices for these if only one "choice" is possible.

RE: Starting with MinimServer - instant-t - 31-12-2018 17:01

Hi simon,

where do I have to set it? Tag or properties of minimserver?

RE: Starting with MinimServer - simoncn - 31-12-2018 17:34

You should not set it. If you set it, you will get the view that you don't want (all albums and no tags).

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

RE: Starting with MinimServer - instant-t - 01-01-2019 15:01

Hi simon,
happy new year.
Attached two screenshots of my App (mediaHouse) and two of the properties of minimserver.

Thanks for your help.

RE: Starting with MinimServer - simoncn - 01-01-2019 16:45

Happy New Year! The problem you are seeing is caused by your setting of listViewAlbums to 50. If you delete this value and restart MinimServer, Intelligent Browsing should work as intended.

RE: Starting with MinimServer - instant-t - 01-01-2019 17:02

Hi simon,
problem solved.
Thank you.