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Metadata viewing question - SaraH - 08-11-2018 12:22


I'm using MinimServer on a Synology NAS and using BubbleUpnp as controller. I'm just wondering if there are any properties I can use to control what tag values are displayed when I choose "Show Metadata" for a particular album or track. I.e. I have a good number of historical recordings and would like to display the Original Date in addition to the Date.

Also, any chance to control from the MinimServer properties what tags are displayed in the album list view in BubbleUpnp?

And I know it's the worng forum, but if anyone has any hints about changing the cover art size in the BubbleUpnp grid view, I'd really appreciate it. For me the icons are too big - it takes forever to scroll through and find something.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Cheers, Sara

RE: Metadata viewing question - simoncn - 08-11-2018 16:15

The control point (for example, BubbleUPnP) can only display metadata values that are sent by the server to the control point in response to a UPnP Browse request. These values are sent as properties in an XML format named DIDL-Lite and you can find the list of these properties in Appendix B of the UPnP ContentDirectory specification (see this document).

MinimServer sends all properties that are available and make sense for music files. Here is the list of properties that are suitable for the control point to display to the user. For properties that correspond to metadata tags, the corresponding tag(s) are shown in brackets after the property name:

dc:creator (also sent as upnp:artist) [ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST]
dc:date [DATE]
dc:description [COMMENT]
dc:publisher [LABEL]
dc:title [TITLE]
upnp:album [ALBUM]
upnp:artist (also sent as dc:creator) [ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST]
upnp:artist@role [ALBUMARTIST, COMPOSER]
upnp:author@role [ALBUMARTIST, COMPOSER]
upnp:genre [GENRE]
upnp:originalTrackNumber [TRACKNUMBER]

It is up to the control point which of these values it chooses to display on its various pages (show metadata, now playing, album list, etc.) It isn't possible for MinimServer to influence the control point's choices for this.

To display additional tagged information that isn't listed above, you can use MinimServer tag formatting to customize the above property values by including additional tag values. For example, you could include the OriginalDate value as part of the dc:title or dc:description field. See this section for details.

RE: Metadata viewing question - SaraH - 08-11-2018 19:35

thanks so much for the helpful and informative answer. I'll see how I can put this information to work.