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DSD on Linn DS plays too fast (higher pitch) - Arnold - 14-10-2018 07:35

After upgrading my ADS to Katalyst, I switched to play DSF files instead of converting these files to Flac. I switched because for me the original DSF files sound better then the Flac converted file.
But I have a problem playing DSF.
If the first file played on the ADS after turning it on, is a DSF file, then the pitch is too high, hence the file is played too fast. This is also with all DSF files following. But ...
If the next file is a Flac file (or the first played file is a Flac file), then there is no issue with the DSF pitch/speed.
But after turning off the ADS, the above is valid again.
I contacted Linn helpline, but they can not replicate this issue with a DSF file I provided them. Linn did also use Minimserver to serve the file to their ADS. So, Linn can not help me.

I have no idea why Linn is not having this issue, but I do.
I have no idea what causes this speed anomaly.
Is it the player (ADS) or is it the musicserver?
Is it settings in Minimserver?
I use Minimserver only as a server, so no transcoding.

I would appreciate your help on this.

RE: DSD on Linn DS plays too fast (higher pitch) - simoncn - 14-10-2018 15:55

I don't think this is related to MinimServer. When you don't have transcoding enabled, MinimServer streams the file exactly as it is on disk with no modification.

RE: DSD on Linn DS plays too fast (higher pitch) - Donuk - 15-10-2018 08:00

Strange that Linn do not know what is going on. Have you got the latest firmware?

I am not an expert like Simon but I cannot see how Minimserver could be responsible for this.

I would take this back to the dealer who installed the Katalyst upgrade. It could perhaps be a faulty component, especially as Linn could not replicate it.

Do let us know how you get on.

Donuk sunny downtown York.