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Track information in control point. - cabinpad - 25-09-2018 14:44


I have a question concerning how music titles are displayed in the control point. I am using NAIM Control Point.

I should mention that I am using Minimserver straight out of the box (nearly). I do not Sort / Ignore / Reverse or otherwise juggle my Tags. The only thing I have done is amend the Title/Album displayFormat to show the track duration and album date.

Now, in the Naim app when browsing an album where the Artist = Album Artist the list of tracks is shown with the title and track duration. When Artist ≠ Album Artist (say, a compilation album, where album artist = various) the title and duration are shown *plus* the artist information.

I can’t figure out why the App is displaying this extra information, when apparently I haven’t told it to. Or have I? I find this extra information good, but I don’t understand the mechanism behind it. Why does the control point do this for one type of album and not for the other? Any and all help appreciated.

Where can I see the XML metadata that is passed to the control point?

RE: Track information in control point. - simoncn - 25-09-2018 16:27

It sounds like the Naim control point is trying to be helpful by displaying the artist information when this isn't the same for all tracks in the album.

If you set the logging level in the MinimServer log window to Trace, you will see all the XML metadata that MinimServer sends to the control point.

RE: Track information in control point. - cabinpad - 26-09-2018 16:16

Ok, thanks for that. I thought I missed some box of tricks in Minim. I have noticed this formatting, especially with classical music that comes again from a compilation album. This additional information is formatted quite well in the Naim CP. I was of the impression that MinimServer had a hand in the game.

Does MinimServer have any possibility to influence this formatting of information at all? Using the displayFormat I can fill the $Title tag with additional information, but my Naim control point does not format this information with, for example, line breaks. I know this subject has come up in the past in this forum but I didn’t see any definitive answer as to what MinimServer can or cannot do to influence this.

On a side note - how do I find out how the Naim CP handles the formatting of information? Trial and error?

RE: Track information in control point. - simoncn - 26-09-2018 17:08

MinimServer does "have a hand in the game". It sends all available metadata defined by the UPnP standard to the control point so that the control point can display whatever portion of this metadata that it chooses. Also, MinimServer provides the tagFormat capability to enable the user to do significant customisation of the medatata values that MinimServer sends.

It is possible to place a newline in a tag value if your tagging program supports this. MinimServer sends any such newlines to the control point and it is up to the control point how it handles these newlines.

I think the easiest way to find out what the Naim control point does is (as you suggest) trial and error.

RE: Track information in control point. - cabinpad - 27-09-2018 07:30

Ahh, it’s not MinimServer that controls the line break but my tagging program? I missed that one. I use Mp3Tag. Will have a look and see what’s possible there. Thanks again for the infos.