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Minimserver on SonicTransporter - antonmb - 19-06-2018 07:39

I’ve recently added a SonicTransporter i7 dedicated server to my system. I’m running Roon and Logitech Media Server on it. Currently I run Minimserver on my Synology DS412+ NAS, but would like to move it to the SonicTransporter also. My music files are all on the NAS and currently I enter the directory as /volume1/music. On the SonicTransporter I’ve mounted the Synology directory as an SMB share as \\diskstation\music, but I can’t figure out how to enter the content directory for Minimserver on the SonicTransporter. Any thoughts?

RE: Minimserver on SonicTransporter - antonmb - 19-06-2018 23:11

Never mind, solved. Had to use the address of the folder on the SonicTransporter to which the NAS was mounted - \storage\nas.