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MPEG-DASH & HLS - Tell - 04-05-2018 02:19

Catching up with the implementation of MPEG-DASH in MinimStreamer. Is there a recommendation to move over to MPEG-DASH ?. Will be BBC suddenly pull the plug on HLS.

What's Simon's view, leave alone or move over. Whilst I have the test file working, issues with the World Service ?. I can't get that one working.

What I don't want is the BBC suddenly pull the plug on HLS when I could move over to it albeit finding the best WS screen to use. I can't find any decent list of BBC streams I've got the original HLS drop box ones and graphics were these pulled since the BBC doesn't like to publish them.

RE: MPEG-DASH & HLS - simoncn - 04-05-2018 08:58

What is the MPEG-DASH URL that you are using to play World Service? Are you located in the UK or elsewhere?

The BBC has said that MPEG-DASH is their strategic direction but any strategy is subject to change. I doubt that HLS will go away any time soon.

I implemented the MPEG-DASH support because last summer's experimental (and excellent) FLAC stream was only available via MPEG-DASH. If this ever returns as a normal service, I would expect the same to apply.

The audio data should be the same in the HLS and MPEG-DASH streams but my feeling is that the MPEG-DASH stream sounds slightly better.

RE: MPEG-DASH & HLS - Tell - 04-05-2018 09:29


UK. I have HLS working on the Raspberry PI but I can't get the World Service Dash stream to work as per your example file on Windows. I wanted to get it working on Windows first then move it to the Raspberry Pi since it's more easy to edit and test. But even my copy of what I had on the Pi for the WS in HLS would not work on the Windows version, could have been me, but I don't think so since I had it on a Google Drive which was my source when I had to rebuild another PI when it got corrupted. So that's all a bit weird.

Problem is when you look at message boards links which did work once stopped, which happened with the WS. The reluctance to publish the links doesn't help - so a bit hard to find.

I was using this one

#EXTINF:-1,[WS;aac,48000] BBC World Service

As per your example file.

I note that you can't have two m3u files in the BBC Radio directory one for Dash and one for HLS so I renamed the HLS one so it wasn't seen.

RE: MPEG-DASH & HLS - simoncn - 04-05-2018 23:00

(04-05-2018 09:29)Tell Wrote:  I was using this one

#EXTINF:-1,[WS;aac,48000] BBC World Service

As per your example file.

I just tried this on Windows and it is working for me.

Quote:I note that you can't have two m3u files in the BBC Radio directory one for Dash and one for HLS so I renamed the HLS one so it wasn't seen.

There is no problem with this. Are you perhaps using an older version of MinimServer that doesn't allow more than one stream to have the same stream ID? This has been supported from update 105 onwards.

RE: MPEG-DASH & HLS - Tell - 07-05-2018 19:03

Thanks Simon. I have been going in circles since Saturday but it's now working. There were some hidden characters that managed to get into the parameter file, I knew they were hidden when it wasn't finding the string that I could see. Was using Notepad but somewhere along the line it hadn't done and ANSI save... mind you I was putting it all down to Spring 2018 edition of Windows 10, I was saving back to the same name rather than saving with a filename with ANSI as an overwrite. Started off a fresh today and got it working on Windows then Raspberry Pi although one of them (Pi's) seems liable to getting corrupted so had to re-install Noods and rebuild - don't know what that's about, perhaps a new Micro SD card is required.

I got it working with two m3u files but settled for just the DASH one. WS is fine, so I have all the streams up and running. Just edited the old HLS file that was widely published with the DASH, the wrinkle with the WS, did an ANSI save as file and all fine.

(your Raspberry Pi installation needs to have capital M for music in /home/pi/Music)


RE: MPEG-DASH & HLS - simoncn - 07-05-2018 20:57

(07-05-2018 19:03)Tell Wrote:  (your Raspberry Pi installation needs to have capital M for music in /home/pi/Music)

I presume this is because the standard RPi installation now creates a /home/pi/Music folder. These instructions were written in ancient days before this was happening. I will update then as you suggest. Thanks for pointing this out.

RE: MPEG-DASH & HLS - Tell - 08-05-2018 09:42

Yes the default has the capital M. The World Service issue is due to BubbleUPnp on Android being not able to play that stream, on a Denon DNP720AE it was fine. No issue with the other Dash streams.

I like the new bracket parameters, now with AAC in the bracket I can take out the wav conversion I was doing for a Neet renderer as I understand it, it's now seeing the header and knows it's an AAC stream. The Denon was always happy with that. Then we have the debate about whether it's better to use the algorithms in the Denon and Neet boxes to do the reconstruction of the WAV file or the programs called in Minimserver. I know you go for wav24 for your high end system. All the equipment is going to be brought together in one household, so whilst the Denon can handle Wav24, the Neet boxes can't so I think I'm settling for one Raspberry Pi and AAC in the parameter file.

What slightly mystifies me is the Denon tells you that 69 kbps is running with AAC in how it's getting it whilst it's a 300 or so.... it said the same with HLS. Either I dont understand the units or what its showing is wrong. Packages ?.

Thanks again.