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I am configuring my new Minimserver.
I have a lot of Duplicate Album in 16bits and 24bits flavors and I am not decided yet to flush the 16bits versions and want to keep both versions for now.
I would like to know how to setup minimserver the way I can browse
by #AudioData when I am inside the Album Folder. Actually I see all the albums (16bits and 24bits) but no option to chose #AudioData.

What I would like to achieve is:
Artist (Metallica)
Album (Ride The Lightning)
#AudioData to let me choose (24/96000) or (16/44100) or (24/192000).

NOTE: I can see #AudioData folder at Artist or at root level when browsing using windows explorer.


One way to do this is to add #audioquality to album.displayformat in tagFormat field. It won’t separate the albums into hi res and cd-quality, but it will show a tag with the album title so you can see which ones are hi res. For example I have the following in the tagFormat field:

Album.displayFormat={$album^$Discsubtitle^ - ^$Date^ (^)$#AudioQuality^ [^]}

Albums then show either [HD], [CD], or [LC] (for mp3) after the title and date. Here’s what it looks like with Kazoo on an iPad:
[Image: i-KG4DbsC-M.jpg]
Just out of interest and I don't know the answer, but - what is your listViewAlbums set to? You may get the AudioData choices if it's set to 1 or even 2?
Good point, if list view is set to 1, you should be able to browse artist by audio quality in all instances. I have mine at 25 to reduce the extra level on most artists, but if your priorities lie elsewhere this can be set quite low.
If you are using the "n albums" choice to show the list of albums, you get a flat list of albums with no tag selection choices.

To select an album name and see tag selection choices for this album name, you can add Album to indexTags. This creates a new index named Album which should do what you want.
Hi Thanks to all. But still not working with all of the above trick.
I don't need to change the dispay but I wont to browse by quality after I was entered in the Album.
I tried to set ListViewAlbum to 1, 2 , 25 and still not working.
I already have Album in index Tags. but when I open it it's like (n album) view.
Just to check. Have you put #AudioData in the indexTags property?

If you change listViewAlbums, you need to then rescan.
If you have Album in indexTags, you will have both <n albums> and Albums. I just tried it. (But I have noticed there is no album art when you go down that - not sure if that's a bug? I don't use it so it's no biggy).
I also see both <n albums> and Albums. My problem is after. when I am inside the Album I see all the albums for that artist. I should only see 2 choices 24/192000 and 16/44100 (for my situation).
1. Select your Artist.
2. Select your Album.
3. Select the quality of the selected album (24/192000 or 16/44100).
and Then the final display appear :-)
Tomorrow I will try a different approach with a new way of tagging my music maybe I will use the <COMMENT>as a workaround.

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