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Full Version: HLS stream failed with error "NetworkSource: no stream URL found"
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My .m3u8 file as below:
#EXTINF:-1,[*;AAC] RTI Music
#EXTINF:-1,[*;AAC] BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 works, but RTI Music failed with log (refer to attached file):
NetworkSource: no stream URL found in

URL tested with VLC and AIMP without issue.

Please let me know how I can deal with this.

MinimStreamer requires an HLS master playlist as the stream URL. You have specified an HLS media playlist instead. The master playlist contains links to one or more media playlists.

It might be possible to add support for specifying a media playlist directly (not linked via a master playlist) in a future version of MinimStreamer. I will look into this.
Inspired by your reply, I tried to have an experiment. I've created a HLS master playlist and put on my NAS-webserver (http://myNAS/rti_music.m3u8):


The value for BANDWIDTH is only for testing.

Radio playlist modified as below:
#EXTINF:-1,[*;AAC] RTI Music

VLC is able to play http://myNAS/rti_music.m3u8
MinimServer failed with error: Duplicate Program Association Table packet
(Debug.log attached)

My experiment is not successful, and I hope MinimStreamer will directly support HLS media playlist in the near future.

Thanks in advance.
Support for media playlist URLs is available now in MinimStreamer 0.7.7.
(17-06-2018 22:14)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Support for media playlist URLs is available now in MinimStreamer 0.7.7.

Yes, it works now!

Thank you very much for adding this future.

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